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Our easy-to-follow process shows you how to save hundreds of thousands of dollars when you directly invest your retirement savings into the top performing, low fee, active or passive money manager, without the financial advisor middleman.  Cutting edge tools and benchmark give you the confidence to know you have selected the best for your retirement nest egg.

Not On My Nickel is the ideal retirement planning research and benchmarking service for busy people who want to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating the financial advisor from their retirement investing equation and know, through online interactive tools, that they are invested with the top active or passive money manager, with low fees and risk considerations as to clearing, custody and trade execution.

The service guides you through an easy-to-follow process to choose your investments, open a brokerage account and get ongoing investment research and benchmarking on your portfolio manager selections.

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*Assumes advisor fees of 3.40%, the average published mutual fund fees and fund selling expenses on an initial investment of $10,000, with $3,000 annual contributions, compounded over 30 years, with an annual rate of return of 6%.
**CNN, June 28, 2012, cited 401(k) savers are paying 30% of the balance in fees. Fees grow to 51% of the balance by employing a traditional financial advisor for 401(k) participant advice.